How We Are Governed

The ACCT Board of Directors, on behalf of the member Boards, guarantees the accountability of ACCT by assuring, consistent with the mission and purpose of the Association, that it:

  1. Achieves appropriate results for the appropriate persons at an appropriate cost, and
  2. Avoids unacceptable activities, conditions and decisions.

ACCT deliberates with many voices, but governs with one. The Board of Directors will govern with an emphasis on outward vision rather than an internal preoccupation, strategic leadership rather than administrative detail, future orientation rather than past or present, and being proactive rather than reactive. It will encourage diversity in viewpoints and collective rather than individual decisions, and will strive for a clear distinction of Board of Directors and Chief executive roles.

ACCT Board of Directors

The 26-member ACCT Board of Directors represents community college trustees throughout ACCT's membership territory, which currently includes the United States and several outlying territories, as well as some Canadian provinces.  ACCT's membership territory is divided into five regions (Central, Northeast, Pacific, Southern, and Western).  Each year, one board member is elected to represent each of the five regions as a Regional Director, and each Regional Director serves a three-year term—so, at any given time, each of the five member regions is represented by three Regional Directors, totaling 15 Regional Directors who serve on the ACCT Board of Directors.  Additionally, each year three Directors-at-Large are elected by the ACCT Senate.  These Directors-at-Large serve three-year terms, totaling nine Directors-at-Large who serve on the ACCT Board of Directors.  Finally, the Chair of the ACCT Board of Directors annually appoints two members to serve a one-year term each; these appointments consist of the Chair of the ACCT Diversity Committee and the Immediate Past Chair of the ACCT Board of Directors.


The ACCT Board of Directors is informed by the following committees, each of which represents the voices of ACCT member trustees throughout the world: