Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of ACCT is to foster greater understanding of and appreciation for community college boards; support boards in their efforts to develop public policies focusing on meeting community needs; help build board governance leadership and advocacy capacity through in-service education and training programs; and support boards through specialized services and programs. 

Core Belief

The Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) Board of Directors, elected by member boards to represent the nation’s community college governing boards, believes that citizen governance is an appropriate and democratic means by which to achieve the educational and economic goals of the nation.

We Value

We exist to promote and advance through ACCT programs and services:

  1. BOARDSMANSHIP – value accountability, integrity, and transparency;
  2. ADVOCACY – advance equitable and open access to higher education by representing the interests of community colleges at the national level;
  3. STUDENT SUCCESS – promote innovative policies and services that foster completion, workforce training, and transfer;
  4. INNOVATION – embrace experimentation and risk-taking and evolution of the community college model;
  5. DIVERSITY – sustain values of inclusion, respect and support for, and commitment to diversity; and
  6. SERVICE – elevate and honor the importance of public service through role modeling, mentorship and recognition.

Our Vision

Through the Association of Community College Trustees, community college governing boards are THE LEADING ADVOCATES of the nation’s community college system.