What Past Participants Say

"Excellent topics, case studies and content design.”


“Good opportunity to network, exchange ideasand to identify common issues.


“Materials were excellent and comprehensive.


“Should be mandatory for all trustees.”


“This was the best conference I’ve attended in my 9 years on the board.”


“This institute creates a powerful peer-learning environment in which you share perspectives, gain insights and strengthen relations with trustees. As a seasoned president in a new college with an incoming Board Chair, the institute allowed us to share ideas and solidify our relationship to further the work of the college.” 

Beverly Simone
Southeastern Community College, IA


“For the first time, I was able to get my trustees to actively think about and commit to board self- assessment. The resource materials provide some excellent illustrations of how others were addressing some of the issues my board cares about. The result was a renewed understanding and acceptance of their own responsibility to hold each other accountable.”

Kenneth Ender
Cumberland County College, NJ


“I found that the Governance Institute was a very valuable experience. It provided an opportunity to take a couple of trustees away and dedicate quality time to board governance and team building without having to worry about all the issues at the college. My trustees came away with an understanding of how effective boards operate. They had the opportunity to hear concerns from other boards and realized that some of the things we are doing we do very well. They also learned from the insights of other trustees that we share similar difficulties and concerns.” 

Steven C. Ender
Westmoreland County Community College, PA


“The Governance Institute provides new board members with an exceptional learning opportunity that examines the characteristics of effective board members, the intricacies of board operations and politics, and the dynamics of good relationships between the Board of Trustees and administrators. An added benefit of the conference is the interaction among participants-board members and CEO’s from diverse parts of the country, from elected and appointed boards, from urban and rural areas, from small and large institutions, and from single campus and multi-campus—which our board members and I have always found to be rewarding and valuable.”

Salvatore G. Rotella
Riverside Community College District


"A valuable workshop for Board Presidents. This is a valuable workshop to develop your leadership and boardsmanship skills. If building a more effective and harmonious board is your goal, then this workshop is for you. If you take your role as Board President seriously, then this workshop should be a part of your continuing education"

Member Mark Takano
Trustee, Riverside Community College District Board

"The ACCT Governance Institute is a must attend for new chairs. I never anticipated the requirements of the requirements of this role. Attending the GI provided an opportunity to reflect and prepare. The GI notebook proved to be extremely valuable. We prepare copies for all of our trustees."

Roberto Zarate, Chair 
Alamo Community College District, TX

“I found the time very well spent. It was an excellent opportunity for trustees and college presidents to focus on CEO/trustee responsibilities, to talk through expectations, and to build trust in a relaxed environment.”

Tom Bennett
Member, ACCT Board of Directors; Trustee, Parkland College, IL