2021 Community College Month Social Media

Suggested Twitter & Facebook Posts and Tips

  • April is Community College Month! Throughout the month of April, we invite you to join us in talking about how community college has helped you and your community. Tag your messages with #CCMonth and @CCTrustees.

  • Community colleges are second to none in higher education. #CCMonth @CCTrustees
  • Community colleges are helping save lives & support communities during this time. These institutions will be vital to jump-starting economies in the coming year—but they can’t do it without more public support. https://vimeo.com/295446724 #CCMonth @CCTrustees 
  • Community colleges SAVE LIVES as primary educators of nursing and other healthcare professionals, and by donating medical equipment and facilities in times of crisis. Thank your local community college today. #CCMonth @CCTrustees
  • According to @Gallup, graduates of community colleges are more likely to have professors who care about them: We can’t speak for others, but at [YOUR COLLEGE NAME] we care about our students’ success. #CCMonth @CCTrustees https://twitter.com/DrMcM/status/1228798740380704774?s=20


Other social media tips:

  • Tell your college’s story: Explain how it impacts students, the community and the economy.
  • Tell your students’ stories: Dedicate as many social media posts as possible to highlighting students accomplishments.
  • Tell board members’ stories: Showcase members of your governing board and explain how they keep your college accountable.
  • Tell the CEO’s and other staff’s stories: Who are they? Why have they dedicated their careers to working at community colleges?
  • Highlight accomplished and notable alumni of your college.
  • Use a photo/graphic or video that represents your college community as often as possible.


Don’t forget to use #CCMonth and tag @CCTrustees!


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