2022 Community College Month Talking Points for Community College Advocates

Community colleges are second to none in higher education.

February 28, 2022

Your Community’s College

  • What’s in a name: Over time, people have established notions of what community colleges are, oftentimes losing sight of the name. Community colleges are hubs of their communities. They exist to fill communities’ many needs and their interests. When you talk about your college, emphasize that community colleges are not just “two-year colleges” or vocational schools, but are vital centers of their communities.
  • Community colleges partner with area businesses to create academic and workforce training programs designed specifically to meet the needs of employers and to qualify students for jobs that pay living wages. Showcase your institution’s business partnerships, and emphasize how those partnerships were created to address the needs of the community.
  • Community colleges provide general education courses that lead to associate degrees and which can transfer to four-year universities for the completion of bachelors’ degrees, saving students significant amounts of money. But community colleges also provide classes created specifically to address the needs and interests of their communities—classes that may not be found at any other institution. Emphasize both the value and the uniqueness of your college and how it serves your community’s interests.
  • Many community college students support or contribute to supporting their families. Most community colleges offer resources and flexibility that make it possible for students with other life commitments to enroll, stay enrolled and complete their programs. Talk about the community resources your college offers, and profile some students who benefit from them.

Public community colleges:

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