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Edited by ACCT Staff (2017)
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This guide offers an update to our 2011 guide, Financial Aid 101, providing detailed explanations of a variety of aid programs, including changes to programs and information on programs that have emerged as important alternate sources of aid for community college students. We also present information that is particularly important to institutional leaders looking to advocate for their students and colleges, and offer recommendations on how they can effectively approach this important work.





by Colleen Campbell and Nicholas Hillman (2015)
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A Closer Look at the Trillion: Borrowing, Repayment and Default at Iowa's Community Colleges takes an unprecedented look at community college student borrowing and repayment behavior. The report uses data from all 16 community colleges in Iowa to examine the characteristics of borrowers and defaulters to help colleges and policymakers better understand and prevent default.




by Bryce McKibben; Matthew La Rocque and Debbie Cochrane (2014)
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Protecting Colleges and Students, released by the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) and The Institute for College Access & Success (TICAS), takes a unique look at student loan default at nine community colleges across the nation, and how those colleges are working to help students avoid default. 



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A must-read report for anyone researching the structure and composition of public community and technical college governing boards. The report details individual findings for each state, along with overviews of structures and compositions. 



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History of ACCT 2012


A labor of love and countless hours of organizational research, the History of ACCT book is a pictorial reflection of the 40-year history of the Association of Community College Trustees.  If you have been involved with ACCT, you're likely to find your photo somewhere in here—or, at the very least, you are bound to learn something new about your community college roots. 


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by Philip M. Ringle with Charlene Nunley and Narcisa A. Polonio (2008)
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Edited by Vaughn A. Sherman and Cindra J. Smith (2002)
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cc trustees bookCommunity College Trustees: Leading on Behalf of Their Communities
by George B. Vaughn and Iris M. Weisman (1997) 
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Other Publications



The Futures Series on Community Colleges includes six books that offer insight into and guidance on topics that must be addressed today in order to meet the needs of tomorrow’s community colleges and their students. The book is available directly through Rowman & Littlefield Publishers at an exclusive 30% discount. More on the series and ordering information







First in the World 2012First in the World: Community Colleges and America's Future
by J. Noah Brown; published by Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group (2012)
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Note: ACCT's limited stock of First in the World has been depleted.  The book is available directly through Rowman & Littlefield Publishers at an exclusive 25% discount for ACCT members.  Order from the website and enter enter the promo code RLACCT25 when checking out.  The discount will be applied to all copies of First in the World.

From his unique vantage point as president and CEO of ACCT, J. Noah Brown writes about the intersection between community colleges and America's need to regain both economic momentum and its position as first in the world with respect to college-degree or -certificate attainment.  By connecting past economic and education policies and investments to possibilities for the future and continued national progress, Brown reminds us that restoring America's prominence is within reach.  More importantly, he succinctly advocates for the power of community colleges to increase educational attainment and reduce income inequality by allowing more Americans access to real economic opportunities.  

The first in an American Council on Education (ACE) series on community colleges, First in the World has been lauded by educational leaders, including former U.S. Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley, who stated that, "Brown points out eloquently that community colleges prepare our students for additional education, as well as for jobs and, ultimately careers.  It is my hope that First in the World will help renew interest in our community colleges and move us toward a focus on strength and support for them."