Advice from the Field

Many members of the ACCT Corporate Council have penned articles for Trustee Quarterly magazine, sharing wisdom from their respective fields of expertise.  Below are select Corporate Council articles (listed in reverse chronological order by publication date).

Modern Ways to Fill the Talent Gap

Community colleges can leverage technology to connect qualified talent to unfilled jobs.

by Stan Jackson and Toni Pace of ConnectEDU.


Capacity Building

Outsourcing selected financial and administrative functions can improve staff morale and student success.

by Judith Bellamy Witherspoon of Edfinancial Services, Inc.


Gearing UP for Reverse Transfers

Automating the reverse-transfer process can accelerate student success and completion.

by SKari Branjord of Ellucian.


Right Skills, Right Jobs, Right NOW!

Community colleges are the linchpin of a new initiative that accelerates the skilled talent pipeline for manufacturing jobs.

by Martin Scaglione, president of the workforce development division of ACT Inc.

Executive Compensation in 6 Steps

A sound executive-compensation program begins and ends with good governance.

by Nancy Taylor, director of executive compensation and institutional product management for TIAA-CREF


A Demand-Driven System

Community colleges can be at the heart of a workforce credentialing system that focuses on the skills employers need and want.

by Jon Whitmore, chief executive officers of ACT Inc.

Retention Solutions: High-tech and high-touch

Addressing complex completion issues requires a holistic approach.

by Fred Weiss, senior vice president of strategy and portfolio management for SunGard Higher Education (now ellucian)

Technology's Place in Strategic Planning

Trustees can play a key role in ensuring that technology is represented in their colelges' strategic plans.

by John F. Speer, president and CEO of Datatel (now ellucian)

Trustees & Transfer

Community college trustees are in a unique position to build bridges with four-year institutions and improve graduation rates at all levels.

by Stephen J. Handel, senior director of the College Board's National Office of Community College Initiatives

Online Degrees

Evolving to meet new demands

by Jan Baltzer, senior vice president of opportunity management for SunGard Higher Education (now ellucian)


Going Green with IT

A checklist of energy-saving ideas for your campus

by Ed Nadworny, president of SunGard Higher Education's (now ellucian) managed services group