ACCT Statement on President Biden's FY2023 Budget Request

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March 28, 2022

March 28, 2022 - Today, President Biden released his budget request for fiscal year 2023. This budget was released on the tails of the completion of the fiscal year 2022 funding bill, where the Department of Education received a 6% increase.

The President’s budget request proposes an 15% increase for the Department of Education, including a historic Pell Grant increase of $2175 over the 2021-22 award-year, plus several grant programs for which community colleges are eligible. These include two programs that focus, respectively, on building career-connected high schools and providing funding to community colleges for workforce development. However, funding for tuition-free community college is missing, as is last year’s proposal to allow students who are DACA recipients to access federal financial aid. The administration did state it would support legislation decreasing the costs of college, including the authorization of the free college program.

In response to the release of the budget, ACCT President and CEO Jee Hang Lee made the following statement:

“Our institutions are playing a key role at this pivotal time in history when communities are creating a new normal in our rapidly changing economy. Community colleges are providing education and training to students to prepare them for their futures and the future of the workforce. This budget request supports students on their goals through a generous increase to the maximum Pell Grant award.

“Further, community colleges will use the investments of this budget – such as participation in the new career-connected high school program, the community college community workforce training grant, and the support for minority-serving institutions – to continue this support of students and their regions.

“However, it’s a missed opportunity to press Congress on free community college by providing a budgetary proposal to achieve this goal. Meanwhile, these direct investments in our community college systems, many of which are competitive grants, are a small down-payment on the investment previously proposed for our institutions to support all students nationwide.”

ACCT will continue to work the White House and Congress to ensure the best possible supports for community colleges and their students in the final fiscal year 2023 budget. We encourage our institutions to continue to communicate to elected officials about the needs of their campuses.

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