Increasing the Pell Maximum Award – An Imperative to Meet Students’ True College Costs

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October 29, 2020

Pell grants are often referred to as the cornerstone of federal financial aid, as they help make college education affordable for students from low and moderate-income families. However, the purchasing power of the Pell grant has been steadily decreasing since 1972 when it covered over 70 percent of a student’s college costs. Today, the maximum Pell award covers around 30 percent of a student’s postsecondary education expenses.

To ensure higher education is affordable and accessible to all students, the Pell grant must keep pace with the true cost of college. Join us for a dynamic discussion on the need to increase the maximum Pell award during the upcoming Congress. Panelists will include Carrie Warick, Director of Policy and Advocacy for the National College Attainment Network; Ayman Mendoza, College Advisor at USC College Advising Corps and a former community college student and Pell recipient; and Cherly Pierre, Director of Financial Aid Operations at Broward College.