Veteran Trustee David Mathis on the Evolution of the Community College Trusteeship

In the Know With ACCT

December 16, 2020


Season 4 kicks off with reflections and glimpses of the future from ACCT Chair David Mathis.

Chair Mathis has been a member of the Mohawk Valley Community College board of trustees since 1977. In this episode, he reflects on how community college and how public higher education governance have evolved over the past four decades, including challenges, opportunities, and changes that have taken place. As he takes the helm of the association during one of the most tumultuous years of American history, and when ACCT is undergoing its own major changes, Mathis discusses his many goals, including pandemic recovery; making meaningful progress in diversity, equity and inclusion at community colleges; finding the best person to lead ACCT into the future, and more.

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