Board Committees

Board committees reinforce the Board of Directors's job. A committee is a Board committee only if its existence and charge come from the Board of Directors, regardless of whether Board members sit on a committee. Board committees are also used to communicate with the membership, to inform the Board of Directors about membership values and interests, and the results of study by members on relevant issues.

ACCT's chair shall appoint committees and their chairs. In making appointments, the chair will consider regional representation, gender and diversity. Membership on committees shall be for one-year terms.

Associate members may be appointed to committees under the following conditions:

  1. they shall be selected from Voting Members;
  2. they may serve three consecutive one-year terms;
  3. no more than one associate member from a college shall serve on any one Board committee;
  4. all related expenses are to be the responsibility of their college;
  5. they have full voting rights;
  6. they shall have a letter of nomination from their Board supporting their appointment.

ACCT Board Members and Associates Serve on the following Committees:

  1. Diversity Committee
  2. Finance and Audit
  3. Governance and Bylaws 
  4. Member Communications and Education 
  5. Public Policy