April is Community College Month!

What can trustees do?

March 1, 2021

April is Community College Month, and that presents a great opportunity to get the word out about why community colleges matter, how your college is serving your community's needs today, and why public support for our colleges is more important than ever.

Pledge your support for #CCMonth below, and we will send you a toolkit to help you and your college get the word out into your community, as well as updates throughout the month.

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Inside the Toolkit:

  • About #CCMonth
  • Talking Points/Fact Sheet
  • Campaign for Trustees
  • Campaign for Students
  • Sample Social Media Posts
  • Sample Op-eds
  • Board Resolutions
  • Congressional Visit Toolkit


Download the logo for your own use in images, videos and on social media

Download the toolkit (coming soon).

Some Words of Encouragement

We know that institutions are being challenged right now like never before.

Community colleges are also doing more to help right now than ever before, and serving as vital lifelines to help people meet basic food, housing and other needs, and providing healthcare professionals and medical equipment to communities.

Community College Month is your opportunity to demonstrate the vital importance of your college, and to make an undeniable case for why your college deserves greater public support.

The toolkit includes information to help you make this case.

Please let us know about your campaign efforts. Be sure to tag us on social media accounts (see links below if you're not already following us), and email us with links to stories, your questions and thoughts.

Community colleges matter.

Make sure the people in your community know.