Current ACCT Regional Awardees

ACCT congratulates the 2017 ACCT Regional Award recipients for their outstanding work. 

Those recognized at the regional level will contend for the national-level recognition of the following ACCT Association Awards: 2017 M. Dale Ensign Trustee Leadership Award; 2017 Charles Kennedy Equity Award; 2017 Marie Y. Martin Chief Executive Award; 2017 William H. Meardy Faculty Member Award; and 2017 ACCT Professional Board Staff Member Award. 

One outstanding award recipient in each category will be announced during the Annual ACCT Awards Gala on Wednesday, September 27 at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV in conjunction with the 48th Annual ACCT Leadership Congress.

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Trustee Leadership Award Recipients

CENTRAL REGION: Lois Bartelme, Kirkwood Community College, Iowa

NORTHEAST REGION: Dorothea H. Smith, College of Southern Maryland, Md.

PACIFIC REGION: Dan Altmayer, Highline College, Wash.

SOUTHERN REGION: Helen Rosemond-Saunders, Tri-County Technical College, S.C.

WESTERN REGION: Mike Johnson, Barton Community College, Kan. 


Equity Award Recipients

CENTRAL REGION: Harper College, Ill.

NORTHEAST REGION: Montgomery College, Md.

PACIFIC REGION: Allan Hancock College, Calif.

SOUTHERN REGION: Trident Technical College, S.C.

WESTERN REGION: Oklahoma City Community College, Okla.


Chief Executive Officer Award Recipients

CENTRAL REGION: Dorey Diab, North Central State College, Ohio

NORTHEAST REGION: William Austin, Warren County Community College, N.J.

PACIFIC REGION: Lee Lambert, Pima Community College District, Ariz.

SOUTHERN REGION:  Deborah Lamm, Edgecombe Community College, N.C.

WESTERN REGION: Michael Chipps, Northeast Community College, Neb.


Faculty Member Award Recipients

CENTRAL REGION: Jessica Cole, Des Moines Area Community College, Iowa

NORTHEAST REGION: Tammy Peery, Montgomery College, Md.

PACIFIC REGION: Christopher Scinto, Maricopa Community College District, Ariz.

SOUTHERN REGION: Amber Morgan, Greenville Technical College, S.C.

WESTERN REGION: Matthew Lewis, San Jacinto College District, Texas


Professional Board Staff Member Award Recipients

CENTRAL REGION: Mellanie Toles, Clark State Community College, Ohio

NORTHEAST REGION: Alonia Sharps, Prince George's Community College, Md.

PACIFIC REGION: Janet Reaume, Centralia College, Wash. 

SOUTHERN REGION: Kimberly Mack, Halifax Community College, N.C.

WESTERN REGION: Sandra Mora, Alamo Colleges, Texas