Pledge Your Support for Community Colleges

April is Community College Month, and that presents a great opportunity to get the word out about why community colleges matter, how your college is serving your community's needs today, and why public support for our colleges is more important than ever.

The goal of #CCMonth is to increase awareness and understanding of the value of community colleges both locally and nationally through grassroots, localized outreach. We believe that accomplishing this will advance appreciation for and reduce stigmas related to community colleges, and ultimately welcome more students through our doors.

How the Campaign Will Work

ACCT will publicly announce the #CCMonth campaign on April 1 through a release to member colleges, affiliates, the press, and online. ACCT’s Twitter account, @CCTrustees, will serve as the association’s primary advocacy messenger throughout the month.
ACCT members are challenged to pledge their commitment to participating in #CCMonth online and within their local communities. 

ACCT will amplify local efforts by sharing highlights of local campaigns through our nationwide networks using social media, podcasts, articles in ACCT’s magazine and websites, broadcast emails and other communications channels. 

Pledge your support for #CCMonth below, and we will send you a toolkit to help you and your college get the word out into your community, as well as updates throughout the month.