Community College Governance

Trusteeship in Community Colleges: A Guide for Effective Governance (Book)

Since 2000, Trusteeship in Community Colleges: A Guide for Effective Governance has been ACCT’s best-selling, most comprehensive practical guide for community college trustees. ACCT is proud to introduce this thoroughly revised, updated, and expanded second edition that addresses foundational concepts of community college governance, more advanced considerations for navigating challenging situations, and information to help community college trustees understand the higher education landscape and, in particular, the community college sector, including the values of educational access and student success.

Understanding Policymakers and Governance

Brian Sponsler

Productive passion or distracting obsession? Governance is a perennial area of focus among state education policymakers, and it’s important to understand what drives them.

Understanding the Board Life Cycle

Transition and change are inevitable for boards of trustees. Preparation is critical to set the stage for both incoming and outgoing board members.

Using Policy Governance to Guide an Expanded Mission

North Central State College trutees adopt a new model to respond to its community's needs.