How to Motivate and Involve Your Members

The Value of Holding Board Retreats

By Narcisa Polonio, Vice President for Board Leadership Services

Many boards put off holding an annual or even occasional retreat for one reason or another, but if your board isn't holding annual retreats, then you are missing an important opportunity to motivate and involve your members.  In this article, Dr. Narcisa Polonio walks you through the following questions and more:

  • WHY should the board invest their time and energy in a retreat?
  • WHAT should the focus be—board procedures, CEO/board self-assessments, or something else?
  • WHO should attend?  The full board and CEO, an external facilitator, executive staff?
  • WHEN is the best time?  Or is there one?
  • HOW do we motivate all members to participate?  Are there any specific topics that would attract certain members?  Can spouses be invited to participate in social events?
  • HOW MUCH to spend?  What is the cost, and what can the board afford to spend on a retreat?  Could foundation or corporate support be identified?