Job Descriptions

The ACCT Coordinators Network is made up of a coordinator from every member State, Province, or Territory who reports to a Regional Chair. ACCT's Vice Chair oversees the Network. Together they work to carry out the Network's prescribed goals and priorities each year. Their job descriptions are below, as are the priorities for 2012.


Priorities for the ACCT Coordinators Network

In 2013 the Coordinators Network will focus on the following:

  1. Grow awareness and knowledge of ACCT and its goals directly to boards and their individual members to ensure continued or renewed activity with the Association.
  2. Increase participation in:
    • Associate Committees and their prescribed duties
    • ACCT events, including the Annual Leadership Congress, National Legislative Summit, and training activities.
    • Distinguishing effective and meritorious efforts on behalf of Community Colleges by promoting and nominating individuals for ACCT awards and lifetime memberships.
  3. Engage and inform Trustees so they are prepared to be better advocates for their individual colleges and communities at all levels, including:
    •  Promoting and increasing the number of trustees receiving ACCT Law Alerts.
    •  Promote discussion amongst coordinators as to the best practices for success.