ACCT Leaders Attend White House Community College Convening

white house
From left: Bernie Rhinerson, Emily Yim, J. Noah Brown, Bakari G. Lee, Jee Hang Lee

WASHINGTON-This morning, Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) Board Chair Bakari G. Lee, Esq., Chair-Elect Emily Yim, President and CEO J. Noah Brown, and Vice President for Public Policy and External Relations Jee Hang Lee attended the final Community College Convening hosted by the White House. ACCT Board of Directors member Bernie Rhinerson also attended as a representative of the San Diego Community College District. 

This special event featured a retrospective of the Obama Administration's accomplishments on behalf of community colleges. 

An essay published yesterday by Inside Higher Ed summarizes some of these accomplishments and echoes a theme heard throughout the 2016 ACCT Leadership Congress earlier this month--a recognition of the unprecedented appreciation and support given to community colleges since their vital role to the nation was made clear following the Great Recession, and whether the public understanding of this role will be maintained with the coming presidential transition.

The White House convening will be followed by a reception hosted by Dr. Jill Biden, a full-time English professor at Northern Virginia Community College. Biden has served as honorary co-chair of the College Promise Campaign, an independent national movement to make two years of community college available without tuition or fees to all American students. 

Beginning Monday, the Campaign convened PromiseNet 2016, a conference for educators, researchers, and policymakers to discuss ways by which to expand community college promise programs and assess their outcomes. The Campaign's annual report, released on Monday, revealed that there are now more than 150 college promise programs throughout 37 states that offer a version of "free community college." Information about each of these programs can be viewed through a new interactive map created by the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education

For more information about the College Promise Campaign, read our Q&A published in the summer issue of Trustee Quarterly magazine.