Congressional Visit Toolkit

Congressional Visit Toolkit: Inviting Members of Congress to Tour Community College Campuses

congressional toolkit

If you haven't hosted your United States Senators or Representatives at your college campus recently, you may be missing a great opportunity to build or strengthen your college's federal relations rapport, and to demonstrate the importance of your college to your congressperson's state or congressional district. Through a tour or visit, you can highlight certain programs or activities occurring on campus, and talk to your member of Congress about the college's federal priorities. This type of engagement will help make you an informational resource on higher education policy, and create stronger ties with your elected officials.

The toolkit includes:

  • How to craft congressional invitations;

  • How to prepare for and planning your meeting or campus tour;

  • What to do after the meeting is over; 

  • Sample invitations;

  • A federal funds worksheet; and 

  • A final checklist to make sure you're getting the most out of your college visit.