Description of Services

Preparation, administration and analysis of data:

  • Survey instruments customized to fit the desires and needs of the board. 

  • Design of the instruments and process for gathering data from individual trustees. Accuracy is critical.

  • Distribution and administration of the surveys.

  • Trustees complete self-assessment form on board’s performance (rate both board and individual performance).

  • Collection and tabulation of responses.

  • Preparation of confidential report.

    • Review findings and recommendations with board by conference call, or:


On-site presentation of reports:

  • Facilitation of review and discussion

    • Presentation of findings by ACCT retreat consultant. 

    • Distribute and discuss the summary findings from the completed surveys on the board’s self-assessment. Board will have an opportunity to meet (with or without President), and discuss self-assessment.

  • Recommendations

    • Open constructive dialog to frame recommendations and expectations for the next review period

    • Discuss accomplishments and items needing further attention by the board and individual trustees

  • Defining next steps 

    • Set goals and priorities, and the time frame, for the next self-assessment process.

    • Preparation of formal communication and records to insure follow-up