Governance Models

Governing board effectiveness is determined in part by how boards conduct their business.  Successful boards have a structure and set of practices that create an environment for meaningful policy discussions.There are many approaches to community college governance:

  • For some institutions, the governance model is prescribed by statute.  
  • For other institutions, the governing board may choose a governance model defined in the by-laws.

Important questions for trustees are:

  • In what governance model are you governing?
  • How did it evolve?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the model?
  • How does this model impact the administration, the college, and the trustees?
  • Is the organizational structure of your board effective?

Acknowledging variations, governing boards typically operate using a traditional model, a board as a whole model, or Policy Governance®  model.

Case Study: Policy Governance and Board Ownership (member access)