How to Apply

The Coordinator will be the voice and face of ACCT in the member state, province or territory and a primary source of information to the Board and staff regarding the needs of the trustees in their state, province, or territory. The Network will consist of one Coordinator in each state, province and territory and will support ACCT's mission of trustee education and advocacy. Each coordinator may establish appropriate networks within their state, province, or territory to assist in discharging their responsibilities as the lead coordinator. The Coordinator will be closely tied to the ACCT Board through the ACCT Regional Chairs and ACCTVice Chair and are expected to attend the Annual Community College Leadership Congress and the National Legislative Summit.

Coordinator appointments will be for three-year terms with no limit on the number of terms served and are eligible for re-appointment pending Board approval. The nominee's board must submit in writing that they support the trustee's appointment and ability to serve.

Member trustees are asked to indicate their interest in serving as a Coordinator by the stated deadline. Those interested in serving should submit the 2013 State, Province or Territory Coordinator Interest Form. Each request must have a letter of nomination from the individual's board supporting the appointment as an ACCT Coordinator.


1) Increase the Association's overall success in fostering trustee education and effective advocacy in each state, province and territory.

2) Strengthen two-way communication between members and the governance structure of the Association.

  • The Network will function through the direct engagement and interaction of the ACCTBoard of Directors through the ACCT Vice Chair through the ACCT Regional Chairs to Coordinators, and back, assuring strong connections and accountability throughout.

3) Assist in the retention of members.

  • Serve as a communications tool with current members, passing ACCT information to them and getting information from them to pass along to ACCT. Work with staff to publicize ACCTevents and encourage trustees in the state to attend ACCT events.

4) Assist in the identification and recruitment of non-members.

  1. State Association Meeting:
    Attend your state association (if applicable) meeting and use this platform to promote the benefits of ACCT membership. Prior to the meeting, work with ACCT staff to obtain a current membership roster and ACCT materials to distribute during the meeting. After the meeting, work with ACCT staff to make follow up phone calls and emails to those non-members you connected with during the meeting.
  2. Continuous Recruitment:
    Make phone calls, send e-mails, and arrange visits to promote ACCT with non-member boards. Work with ACCT staff to target former members and non-members and set recruitment goals for the state.

5) Help ensure success in meeting the Association's goal for increased member participation in the Association leadership, awards, committees, conferences, events, and related activities.

  • Advocacy

Serve as the state contact for ACCT's grassroots advocacy efforts including disseminatingACCT advocacy information and passing along local and state advocacy news to the Regional Chair and ACCT staff, as well as helping to recruit and educate Congressional delegation members about community college issues.

  • Associate Committee Members:
    Promote the Associate Committee member program and target key individuals in your state who would serve well on any of the five standing Committees (Finance and Audit, Governance and Bylaws, Diversity, Member Communications and Education, or Public Policy). Work with Regional Chair and staff to set target goals for Associate Committee members from your state.
  • Awards nominations:
    Promote the ACCT Awards program and encourage member Boards to submit nominations in each of the five Award categories. Set target goals for Awards nominations in your state, province or territory in coordination with the Regional Chair.
  • Board of Directors nominations:
    Ensure that member trustees are aware of openings on the ACCT Board of Directors and that they know the time line for Board elections.
  • Regional Awards Committee:
    In November and December each year assist the Regional Chairs with appointments of Trustees and Presidents to the Regional Awards Committee.

6) Participate in an annual orientation and annual activity planning hosted by the ACCTRegional Chairs and ACCT Vice Chair; and

7) Create the appropriate support and communications network within their respective area networks with the support of the Association to assure their success in discharging their responsibilities.

8) Quarterly reports to Regional Chairs

  • Complete Coordinator reporting form (attached) and submit to Regional Chair quarterly. Due each quarter (December 15, March 15, June 15, and September 15)

The ACCT Board will appoint Coordinators with the support of the ACCT Regional Chairs and recommendation of the ACCT Vice Chair.

Coordinators may be appointed under the following conditions:

  1. They shall be selected from voting members;
  2. They may serve three-year terms;
  3. All related expenses are to be the responsibility of their college; and
  4. They shall have a letter of nomination from their board supporting the appointment as a Coordinator.

ACCT State, Province, and Territory Network Coordinators will meet in 2013 just prior to the Community College National Legislative Summit scheduled February 11-14, 2013 at the Wardman Park Marriott Hotel, Washington, DC, and a day or two before the Annual Community College Leadership Congress in Seattle, WA, October 2-5, 2013.

If you are interested in serving and your board will send a letter of nomination and financially support your attendance, please submit the following:

  1. 2013 Coordinator Interest Form.
  2. A letter of nomination from your board supporting your appointment to an ACCTcommittee.

Send to the Regional Chair,, electronic mail preferred or via standard mail to ACCT, 1233 20th Street, NW, Suite 301, Washington, DC 20036; FAX 866-904-ACCT (2228).