Lifetime Membership FAQ

1. What is the lifetime membership?

The Lifetime Membership program is an opportunity for community, junior, and technical colleges to honor outstanding and retiring board members and pay special recognition to trustee contributions to community and junior colleges and technical institutes. A Lifetime Membership keeps trustees “in the loop” even after they’ve retired from their local boards.

2. Who is eligible for this membership?

Any current or former ACCT-member trustee is eligible for the Lifetime Membership program. The Lifetime Membership can be purchased while the board member is still serving. However, some benefits will start once the board member is retired and not serving on the board. (Refer to Question 3)

3. What benefits are included?

Lifetime Members receive the following benefits upon receiving their memberships:

  • A personalized plaque and commemorative lapel pin to acknowledge the Lifetime Member

  • Recognition by ACCT in publications, meeting programs, and more

  • New Lifetime Members are introduced at Annual ACCT Leadership Congress

Upon retirement from their Lifetime Members’ boards, additional Lifetime Membership benefits include:

  • Complimentary base registration to all meetings, including the Annual ACCT Leadership Congress and Community College National Legislative Summit, after retiring from their board (meals not included)

  • ACCT member publications, including Trustee Quarterly magazine and Advisor, for perpetuity

4. What is the cost of the membership?

The lifetime membership is a $1,000 one-time fee. Lifetime Membership proceeds are invested in ACCT’s educational publications, institutes, and other activities strong and viable.

5. How can I purchase the membership?

First, download a PDF version of Lifetime Membership Brochure by clicking here

Pay by Check
Please make the enclosed check payable to ACCT and indicate "Lifetime Membership for [Recipient's Name]" on the memo line. Send the application and payment to ACCT, P.O. Box 426061, Washington, DC 20042-6061. 


Pay by Credit Card
Email the application to Then call ACCT at 202-775-4667. We will take the payment over the phone.

6. Can I, a retiring trustee, purchase the membership instead of my college?

Yes. You can personally purchase the membership for yourself or any other past or present community college trustee. Please refer to question 5 for instructions on how you can purchase the membership.