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This section contains legislative fact sheets and summaries, ACCT's position letters to Congress and the Administration, and more.

Fact Sheets and Summaries

Fact sheets, summaries, and infographics of federal legislation or regulations impacting community colleges.

Letters to Congress & the Administration

ACCT expresses the organization’s view on pending legislation and regulations and the potential effects on community colleges.


Topics of Special Focus: Pell Grants & Student Loan Cohort Default Rates

Pell Grants

Each year, the Pell Grant program enables more than three million community college students with financial need to pay for tuition, books, transportation, and living expenses. The Pell Grant remains a valuable investment in a better-educated workforce, higher wages, and a stronger economy.

Cohort Default Rates

Community colleges are concerned about student loan default and are already actively working to help students be successful in repaying their loans. This page helps to explain the default metric, its limitation and impact for community colleges, and potential federal policy changes.

Law E-Alerts Blog Archive

Read through past Latest Action in Washington legislative e-alerts.

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