Student Trustee Advisory Committee

The ACCT Board of Directors invites member boards to nominate a student trustee to become a member of the newly formed Student Trustee Advisory Committee. The Committee has been created to advise and inform the Board of issues and perspectives important to student trustees, student government leaders, and student organizations relative to Board discussions and deliberations on policy matters.

Application deadline: September 16, 2020




The Committee will provide insight on student issues and perspectives to the ACCT Board and ACCT Management regarding:

  1. Public policy issues and trends affecting students;
  2. Perspectives on how ACCT programs and services can reflect student voices;
  3. Opportunities to engage student leaders in advancing ACCT’s advocacy goals and objectives; and
  4. Service as Student Ambassadors at ACCT Meetings and Events.

Student Trustee Advisory Committee members must be student trustees from member institutions in good standing. The Committee members shall elect from their membership a Chair and a Vice Chair annually. Rolling nominations will be allowed to permit student trustees to serve one-full year coinciding with the local term of service. All other requirements shall be consistent with ACCT Board Committee policies (ACCT Board Policy GP 8, 2a).

The Committee shall hold meetings consistent with its charge, whether in person or by electronic means, as necessary in order to conduct its business.


Eligibility shall be determined by ACCT Member Boards in good standing according to their policies regarding student trustees.   All other requirements shall be consistent with ACCT Board Committee policies.


Candidates must be active members in good standing on their boards, and must provide a letter of financial support from their Board to serve and attend Committee meetings held in conjunction with the Annual Leadership Congress and/or the National Legislative Summit, dependent on board term of service. Member Boards are responsible for the conduct and behavior of their student trustees while attending ACCT meetings and events. NOTE: if your local board term ends before September 1st of the current year, you are unfortunately not eligible to serve on the committee.


The Committee shall meet consistent with its charge, whether in-person, or by electronic means, as necessary to conduct its business.