Trustee Advisory Committee

The Trustee Advisory Committee shall be composed of up to 15 members (three from each of the five ACCT Regions), who are appointed by the ACCT Chair with the approval of the ACCT Board, and are both former ACCT Board members, and current trustees in good standing of their member institutions.  The Committee members shall elect from their membership a Chair and Vice Chair annually.  All other requirements shall be consistent with ACCT Board Committee policies (ACCT Board Policy GP 8, 2a).

The Committee shall holding meetings consistent with its charge, whether in-person, or by electronic means, as necessary in order to conduct its business.

The Committee will provide expert guidance & historical perspective to the ACCT Board and ACCT Management on:

  1. Publications relating to trustee education and research;
  2. Online education services (webinars, etc.);
  3. Trustee survey instruments;
  4. Feedback on trustee education programs based upon attendance at the ACCT Congress, NLS, Governance Leadership Institutes, Diversity Institutes, or other ACCT organized educational  venues;
  5. Archival perspective on trustee education programs and services;
  6. Recruiting and mentoring future ACCT Board and Committee leaders; and
  7. Serve as Senior Ambassadors at ACCT Meetings and Events.

 ACCT Staff Liaison: Andrew Laine

Trustee Advisory Committee Roster

James Ayers, Parkland College, IL

William Coleman, Mercer County Community College, NJ

Isobel Dvorsky, Chabot-Las Positas Community College District, CA

Diane Gallagher, Highland Community College, Il

Donna Horgan, Cecil College, MD

George Little, Sandhills Community College, NC

Montez Martin, South Carolina State Bd/Tech Comp Education

LeRoy Mitchell, Westchester Community College, NY

Norwood Oge, Louisiana Community and Technical College System

Tom Perkins, Western Nebraska Community College

Dana Saar, Maricopa Community Colleges, AZ

Lydia Santibanez, Temple College, TX

Darrell Shumway, Pratt Community College, KS

Donald Singer, San Bernardino Community College District, CA

Robin Smith, Lansing Community College, MI

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