Trustee Quarterly: Fall 2022

A Changing Landscape:

2022 ACCT Congress speakers discuss challenges and opportunities for community colleges, their leaders, and their students.

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Trustee Quarterly, Fall 2022, a publication of the Association of Community College Trustees

Inside the fall Issue:


Helping One is Helping Many

by James Cooksey


Partners in Progress

by Jee Hang Lee


As Midterms Approach, It's Time to Prepare for the 2023 Community College National Legislative Summit: A month-by-month calendar to get ready to advocate in Washington, D.C.

by Carrie Warick-Smith 


Student Well-Being is 24/7: When mental health issues and inflation challenge students, community colleges turn to virtual care solutions to improve student well-being, workforce development & retention

by Becky Laman


Enrollment Solutions: Multiple strategies are critical to solving the enrollment crisis. 

by Kate O'Hara and Judith Witherspoon with Jim Anderson


Expanding Access and Success Through Community Partnerships: CBOs and community colleges are positioned to play a significant role in closing achievement gaps and bolstering workforce readiness. 

by Evon W. Walters


Corporate Council Insights: Survey of 2022 ACCT Leadership Congress participants shows enrollment and mental health top college and student concerns. 

by David Rutledge


Four New Realities Facing Community Colleges: Higher ed leaders must respond to evolving preferences, competitors, models, and certifications.

by Arthur Levine


A Changing Landscape: 2022 ACCT Leadership Congress speakers, including the heads of the nation's regional accrediting agencies, discuss challenges and opportunities for community colleges, their leaders, and their students.

by David Conner


Mental Health Practices at Rural Community Colleges: Strengthening Rural Community Colleges Initiative participants share strategies and lessons learned.

by Sean Robins


Advocacy: The Stop-and-Go Nature of United States Congress: Many key higher-ed issues face long paths to passage—and longer to implementation. 

by Carrie Warick-Smith


Legal Issues Impacting Community Colleges: Recent rulings and guidance involve Title IX regulations, COVID testing, and denial of health coverage

by Ira M. Shepard, ACCT General Counsel 


News: ACCT Launches Center for Policy & Practice; Welcome to Robin Matross Helms; Complimentary Board Retreats & Workshops; 2022 Regional ACCT Awards Winners


Around the Regions


Community College Executive Searches & Placements


Interface: A New York State of Mind 




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