Pre Congress Academies


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10:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

The Chair's Academy

A must attend session for current chairs, trustees, and presidents preparing to assume or support the governing board chair. (Lunch included)

Becoming a Disaster Resilient Institution

Recent on-campus crises demands that college leaders are ready to address all types of security risks at all levels, ranging from physical and operational attacks to cybercrimes, terrorism, social unrest, infrastructure protection, and workplace violence. The session is designed to be an interactive and intensive working meeting for community college trustees and leadership to exchange knowledge and best practices on different aspects of campus resiliency and preparedness. (Lunch included)


11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Effective Board Governance: Policy Governance to Traditional Models

The whats, whens, whys and hows of different effective board governance models. (Lunch included)

The Board's Guide to Presidential Contracts

This popular annual half-day training provides basic information on the board's responsibility to prepare an appropriate contract, the components of the presidential contract, and the process for preparing or renewing the contract. (Lunch included)

Policy Guidelines for Fiscal Health and Management

What trustees need to know to effectively carry out their fiduciary responsibilities and financial oversight. This session is an extraordinary opportunity for board members to hear from financial experts, share insights, and develop deeper understanding of their major financial responsibilities and challenges. Discussions will also address the anticipated long-term financial impacts of the Affordable Care Act and capital expenditures and maintenance. (Lunch included)

Legal Academy: Role of the Community College Legal Representative and Emerging Trends in Higher Ed

How can community college legal representatives and governing boards address the most pressing legal issues facing their institutions today? This Academy, designed for trustees, Presidents and both inside and outside community college legal representatives, will explore the role of the college legal representative, ethical dilemmas, using social media and technology inside and outside the boardroom, minimizing labor related litigation, and emerging trends in the legal field affecting community colleges. The goal of this Academy is to aid community college legal representatives and trustees in understanding their respective roles, as well as to provide insight into legal issues with a significant impact on community colleges. (Lunch included)

The Trustees Role in Advocacy

This session is designed to prepare community college leaders with the information and insights to prepare and enable them to be successful advocates on behalf of their institution and students. (Lunch included)

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