Advocacy Toolkits

ACCT's comprehensive toolkits are used by community college trustees, presidents and other leading advocates to advance federal- and state-level advocacy efforts. Download and share the toolkits (PDF format), and consider adding these toolkits to your board and executive meeting agendas and distributing printed copies to your college's leading advocates. If you have any questions about community college advocacy, contact us at

Current Advocacy Toolkits

Congressional Visit Toolkit: Inviting Members of Congress to Tour Community College Campuses

Virtual Meeting Tips 

Fiscal Year 2023 Earmarks Presentation

Successful Advocacy

Before you plan a visit with your members of Congress, be sure to prepare to the make best use of their time and yours using the information on this page.

Other Resources

Written resources—ACCT compiles factsheets, policy briefs, and newsletters for trustees, all of which can be accessed in the advocacy section of The association also sends letters to decision makers regarding pending policies and their effect on community colleges and encourages community college advocates to personally contact your members of Congress to ask for new and ongoing support. 

Engagement—Whenever possible, we ask member colleges to report back to ACCT any actions you take on behalf of your college and other events that happen on the state level. This keeps us in the know about what's going on at colleges around the country so that we can better represent ACCT member colleges' interests. 

The leading annual advocacy event—ACCT’s National Legislative Summit is held in Washington, D.C. every February and gives trustees an opportunity to hear from decision makers, learn successful advocacy strategies, and lobby their federal officials. If you aren't already engaged with the National Legislative Summit, ACCT and the American Association of Community Colleges strongly encourage your participation. The Summit has a tremendous impact on lawmakers each year, and every additional voice helps to amplify and strengthen the message that America's community colleges are an investment that yields unparalleled returns for our local, state, and national economies.