Public Community College Governing Boards: Structure and Composition (2014)

 A must-read report for anyone researching the structure and composition of public community and technical college governing boards.  A small sample of findings: 

  • 36 states have local community or technical college governing or advisory boards.
  • in 11 states, the community and technical colleges are solely governed by a statewide governing or coordinating board.  Of these, four are exclusively community college statewide boards and seven are statewide higher education boards whose scopes extend beyond community colleges.
  • 25 states have a state-level community college governing board.  In 15 states, the board has governance oversight for community and/or technical colleges, while in seven states the board has a coordinating responsibility and in three states the board has an advisory role.

The report details individual findings for each state, along with overviews of structures and compositions.

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