Trustee Education

A Guide to the Election and Appointment of Community College Trustees

Community Colleges are invaluable resources in meeting the educational and economic needs of their communities.  Each college reflects the standards of excellence the community sets for itself.  Responsibility for continued excellence is shared by all who appoint or elect trustees to govern on their behalf.

Board Buzzwords

Words All Trustees Should Know

New words are tantalizing, and the lexicon of terms in education increases exponentially as educators, lawmakers, technocrats, researchers and others coin new phrases for the numerous new and different concepts swirling in higher education today.

Community College Governance

Effective boards form a cohesive group able to articulate and represent the public interest, establish a climate for learning and monitor the effectiveness of the institution.

Governance Institute for Student Success (GISS)

The Governance Institute for Student Success provides a governance leadership model that will identify key policy decisions, actions, and levers for institutional transformation that trustees and presidents throughout the nation can use to support

Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center provides additional resources on governance, trustee education, advocacy, student success, and more, exclusively for ACCT member colleges. You will need to log in with your username and password to gain access.

State System Governing Boards

Community Colleges are Overseen by a Variety of Models in Different States

by Norma Goldstein

trustee talk

Trustee Talk

Answering your questions about issues affecting boards today

Trustee Talk is an electronic question-and-answer newsletter for guidance on challenging issues in community college governance.