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ACCT represents the governing boards of nearly all the nation’s community and technical colleges, as well as institutions in many U.S. territories and Canada.

Trustee Talk, Issue 9: Responding to Community Unrest (Part 2 of 2)

This issue of Trustee Talk is Part II of our discussion of the potential of social upheaval in a community spilling over to the community college campus. In the last issue, we focused on the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, following the death of Michael Brown. This issue addresses community reactions to the death of Freddie Gray in a similar incident, including subsequent unrest in Baltimore, Maryland. While these events were isolated to their respective communities, all boards can share in the lessons learned. The first step, however, is both individual trustee and collective board introspection-asking questions about the role of your college in serving all populations within the service area.


Should a trustee at a small community college be interested in knowing about lessons learned from the community unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore City, Maryland?

Trustee Talk, Issue 16: Tribal Colleges Remain Unique to Preserve Indigenous Culture


How do Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) differ from mainstream colleges in the United States?

Trustee Talk, Issue 15: Guns on Campus – A Loaded Issue, Part I


How do Boards of Trustees create policies on highly controversial issues such as guns on campus for their community colleges?