Board Policy

Coming Together for High-Functioning TCU Board Governance

June 7, 2021 to June 8, 2021

The Tribal College (TCU) Governance Leadership Institute (GLI) is a nationally recognized initiative focused on fostering community college student success through effective board governance. It can provide Tribal College trustees and presidents, new and experienced, with the insights, guidance and engagement to promote policies and measures to increase board effectiveness to focus on student success and completion within their campuses and states.

A “How To Tale” Emerging from the Brink of Failure to Stunning Success

How a board recovered from a crisis, accreditation warning, and loss of community support.

Board Policy & Administrative Procedure Leadership for All Community Colleges

A Comprehensive Collection of Board Policies & Administrative Procedures to Facilitate Compliance with Federal Statutes and Regulations

Community College Shared Governance in the 21st Century

A college details lessons learned in shared governance after a natural disaster.

Goal Setting as a Board: The Path To Policy

Bernie Rhinerson

The San Diego Community College District governing board uses an annual process to set the direction without overstepping its bounds.

Home Base

Jane Karas

Adding on-campus housing can help address student needs, but leaders must consider many factors before breaking ground.

On the Road: Do's and Don'ts of Trustee Travel Expenses

Community College trustees throughout the country selflessly volunteer countless hours to govern their colleges, typically without compensation, except for reimbursement for travel expenses. But to protect the goodwill efforts of trustees, it is imperative that boards put into place, and that trustees follow, procedures and guidelines to account for travel and allowable expenses.

Podcast: The Value of a Board Retreat

Trustees are busy people who volunteer their time to govern community colleges through board and committee meetings. Are retreats really worthwhile? If they're done right, one trustee says, they can be indispensable. We speak with ACCT Board Member and Northern Virginia Community College Trustee Rosie O'Neil about how retreats at her college and at ACCT have enabled her to grow as a trustee and have enabled the board to set clear strategic visions, monitor those visions and follow them through to completion.

The Community College Baccalaureate

J. Noah Brown

Mission creep or mission focused?

Trustee Talk, Issue 4: Travel Policies to Avoid Overspending


I recently read an article from a local newspaper reporting that a board racked up nearly $110,000 in travel expenses over a two-year period. How do we avoid this kind of mistake? How do I provide guidance to my board on travel while still encouraging each member to participate in state and national meetings for trustee development, education, training and/or opportunities to advocate on behalf of the college and students?