Board/CEO Relations

2022 ACCT Leadership Congress event brings together 1,900 community college leaders, begins with symposium on men of color & regional accreditation panel.

by Mark Toner

October 27, 2022

The 2022 ACCT Leadership Congress kicked off Wednesday evening with a panel of higher education accreditors urging community college leaders to cut through a “cacophony of noise” to ensure “that community colleges are on the path to help America g

5 Keys to a Successful Transition Year (2020)

With over 50% of current college CEOs expected to retire within the next few years, boards are seeking new ways to connect the hiring and onboarding processes to ensure the new CEO’s effectiveness and longevity. The first year often sets the stage for the CEO’s success. This document outlines key first-year strategies for the board and new president.

Board and CEO Partnership for Student Success

A college details ways it responded to the challenges of declining enrollment and public funding coupled with increasing demand for accountability and services by strengthening the partnerships between the President and the Board of Trustees.

Effective Onboarding

Ervin V. Griffin, Sr.

How Halifax Community College Trustees Helped Ensure A Smooth Presidential Transition.

Effective Onboarding: From Trustees and Seated President/CEO to Appointed President/CEO

A college describes the transition of their retiring president to their current president, as well as the role the board must play.

Essentials of Good Board/CEO Relations (Book)

Vaughn A. Sherman

Through this publication, Vaughn Sherman captures and gives meaning to the essential ingredients needed to foster strong board/president-to-trustee and trustee-to-trustee relations. This second edition features a new section on commitment, which captures lessons learned after facilitating retreats in many parts of the country.

Executive Compensation in 6 Steps

Nancy Taylor

A sound executive compensation program begins and ends with good governance, argues TIAA-CREF’s director for executive compensation.

Executive Leadership Transitioning at Community Colleges (2018)

To help governing boards fulfill their stewardship mandates, this monograph outlines crucial factors, variables, and issues concerning presidential transitions.

Getting Ready for a Change in Leadership: The Board’s Role in Successful Succession Planning

Succession planning has never been more critical and needs to be on the radar screen of all boards. Two major factors contribute to the necessity of succession planning: the retirement of a significant number of long-time presidents and chancellors, and the now familiar pattern of presidents moving from one presidency to another.

Graceful Transitions: How Wyoming's Incoming and Outgoing College Presidents Are Working Together

Dr. Kim Dale, the incoming president at Western Wyoming Community College, and Dr. Karla Leech, the outgoing president discuss how they have worked together to avail Dale of Leech's extensive experience and her relationships throughout Wyoming, while handing the college reins to Dale so that she can run the college in her own way.