New Trustees

Accreditation 101 for Trustees

How is American-style accreditation different from accreditation throughout the rest of the world, and why does that matter? In this podcast, Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) President Judith S. Eaton, speaks with ACCT President and CEO J. Noah Brown about the uniquely American higher-education accreditation process about the history, the present, and the future of accreditation within the community college sector.

Attention New Trustees: This Episode is For You

In this must-listen episode for new community college trustees, Jeffrey M. Advokat, Esq., a long-serving trustee from County College of Morris in New Jersey, discusses "tips of the trade" for new trustees.

Community College Board Ethics

A discussion of community college board ethics with Jeff Advokat, a trustee at the County College of Morris in New Jersey.

Community College Trustees

Leading on Behalf of Their Communitites

George B. Vaughan and Iris M. Weisman

Community college trustees are important people. The 6,500 men and women whos erve on the governing boards of the nation's 1,100 or so public community colleges have legal and ethical responsibility of overseeing a seemingly endless number of academic programs,, as well as approving faculty appointments, tenure, and salaries. Trustees shape long-range plans, mission statement, and college policies.

Four Questions That Every New Community College Trustee Needs to Ask

Bernie Rhinerson

Focusing your work as a trustee is key to becoming a contributing member of your board team.

Podcast: The Value of a Board Retreat

Trustees are busy people who volunteer their time to govern community colleges through board and committee meetings. Are retreats really worthwhile? If they're done right, one trustee says, they can be indispensable. We speak with ACCT Board Member and Northern Virginia Community College Trustee Rosie O'Neil about how retreats at her college and at ACCT have enabled her to grow as a trustee and have enabled the board to set clear strategic visions, monitor those visions and follow them through to completion.

Preparing for Change on the Board (Case Study)

This case is provided as a tool to foster discussion on governance issues related to board transition.

For JJ Jones, the past six months had been a challenge unlike any he had faced during his first term as chair of his community college’s board of trustees. With three new trustees about to join the board and a new president starting his tenure, his long-serving peers had elected him unanimously to serve a second term, in part to ensure stability and continuity in board leadership. But things immediately started to change as soon as the three new trustees joined the board.

The Making of a Community College Trustee: Chapter One

Eduardo Marti

The orientation experience is seen through the eyes of fictitious trustee Pam Schier.

The Making of a Community College Trustee: Chapter Three

Eduardo Marti

Board Chair Charles Frazier explains the nuances of board service to new trustee Pam Schier. 

The Making of a Community College Trustee: Chapter Two

Eduardo Marti

Fictional trustee Pam Schier attends her first committee and board meetings — and comes away with more questions than answers.