New Trustees

The Single-Issue Trustee: Champion or Distraction? (Case Study)

This case is provided as a tool to foster discussion of important governance issues.

Case #1: Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen was one month shy of her first year anniversary as a trustee at South State Community College. Having served as a faculty member for over 35 years before retiring, there was no doubt about her love for and commitment to the community college, but her knowledge and connections to the college were both a strength and a weakness. At every meeting, Mary Ellen would indicate that she was serving on the board to protect students and faculty from the administration and trustees who came out of the business community and did not understand academic freedom. It was clear that she still saw herself as a champion representing the faculty, and every board action had to meet the litmus test of supporting their interests. Mary Ellen attended faculty senate meetings and met weekly with faculty colleagues to review the board agenda and other matters.

Three Principles of Trustee Leadership

Bruce Leslie

Alamo Colleges’ chancellor outlines three key factors that determine whether institutions ‘flourish or fail.'

Trustee Talk, Issue 1: Welcoming New Trustees


As a current trustee or chair, how do I ensure that new trustees on the board are welcomed and encouraged to actively participate?

Trusteeship 101

Great community colleges require great governing boards. But what makes a board great? And what does it mean to be an effective trustee? 

Trusteeship in Community Colleges: A Guide for Effective Governance (Book)

Since 2000, Trusteeship in Community Colleges: A Guide for Effective Governance has been ACCT’s best-selling, most comprehensive practical guide for community college trustees. ACCT is proud to introduce this thoroughly revised, updated, and expanded second edition that addresses foundational concepts of community college governance, more advanced considerations for navigating challenging situations, and information to help community college trustees understand the higher education landscape and, in particular, the community college sector, including the values of educational access and student success.

Understanding the Board Life Cycle

Transition and change are inevitable for boards of trustees. Preparation is critical to set the stage for both incoming and outgoing board members.

What Do You Know About Your CEO’s Contract?

Questions to consider regarding your CEO's contract.

What I Wish I Had Known as a New Trustee: Rosaelena O'Neil

Rosaelena "Rosie" O'Neil is a trustee at Northern Virginia Community College and a member of the ACCT Board of Directors, with over 20 years of experience in education advocacy and leadership development. In this episode, Rosie talks to ACCT about what she wishes she had known when she became a new trustee.

What Trustees & Presidents Need to Know About Risk Management

United Educators Risk Management Consultant Justin Kollinger spoke with us about what community college trustees need to do to safeguard their campuses against potential liabilities and safety concerns.