Bridging Financial Wellness and Student Success (2020)

Effective Models for Community Colleges

Community college students face a number of financial decisions and obligations along the path to degree completion. Students must secure resources to pay for college expenses, including their tuition, fees, and basic living necessities.

Make It Count: Recognizing Prior Learning for Workforce Development (2020)

Community college students often hold knowledge from various professional and academic experiences.

The College-Work Balancing Act (2019)

How can community colleges support students' goals of finding success in the workforce, both today and the future?

Celebrating TCU Successes (2019)

Working in partnership with the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC), and through its Governance Institute for Student Success (GISS), ACCT provided trustee education and materials for TCUs to focus on boards’ policymaking roles and evidence-based decision making.

Apprenticeships: An Emerging Community College Strategy for Workforce Development (2019)

This paper provides an overview of registered apprenticeship programs, including pre-apprenticeships and youth apprenticeships, and describes their recent growth.

The Rural Male in Higher Education (2019)

How Community Colleges Can Improve Educational and Economic Outcomes for Rural Men

This issue brief summarizes the economic conditions in rural communities since the Great Recession and highlights the educational attainment of rural men.

Continuing Progress: How Urban Community Colleges Are Improving Outcomes for Minority Men (2019)

This paper takes a deeper look at the economic and demographic state of urban America and the connections to postsecondary participation and attainment among minority men.

Aligning for Student Success (2018)

How Community Colleges Work with K-12 to Improve College and Career Outcomes

This paper calls on community college presidents and trustees implement strategies to accelerate academic transitions, extend navigational supports, and serve as career bridges from high school to the workforce.  

guardian paper

Partnerships for a Future-Ready Workforce (2018)

This report details how community colleges and businesses can form strong partnerships, national employment trends and postsecondary attainment, and policies & practices that form a continuum of education and career training.

Equity Action Agenda for Community College Governance (2018)

ACCT’s Equity Action Agenda for Community College Governance is a guide based on the responsibilities of community college trustees and the college’s leadership to promote policies that support access, affordability, equity and completion for all community college students. College diversity, equity, and inclusivity policies facilitate academic progress and economic and social mobility for all.