Hungry and Homeless in College: Results from a National Study of Basic Needs Insecurity in Higher Education (2017)

Hungry and Homeless in College is a research report that assesses food and housing insecurity among community college students.


Financial Aid 102: An Updated Guide to Understanding Federal Financial Aid Programs for Community College Leaders and Trustees (2017)

This guide offers detailed explanations of a variety of aid programs, including changes to programs and information on programs that have emerged as important alternate sources of aid for community college students.


Aiding Success: The Role of Federal and State Financial Aid in Supporting California's Community Colleges (2017)

Aiding Success: The Role of Federal and State Financial Aid in Supporting California Community College Students documents the variation in student graduation and transfer rates by students' financial situation. 

Learning While Earning, How Low Income Working Learners Differ From All Other American College Students (2017)

Researchers from the Georgetown University Center on Education and Workforce, Anthony Carnevale and Nicole Smith, examine the challenges working students face and the impacts of these challenges on completion and debt.

Putting Students First, Are Associate Degrees Preparing Graduates For Successful Careers? (2017)

Senior Economist Jonathan Rothwell of Gallup, presents data on employment outcomes for college graduates from different types of colleges.

The Family-Friendly Campus Imperative, Supporting Success Among Community College Students with Children (2017)

Researchers Barbara Gault, Elizabeth Noll, and Lindsey Reichlin, from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (DC), assess the unique needs of community college students who are also parents.

Return on Investment, What is the Value of the Associate Degree? (2017)

Return on Investment, What is the Value of the Associate Degree? provides a checklist of high-impact practices that colleges can employ to support students on their journey to degree completion and potentially improved employment outcomes

Too Distressed to Learn?: Mental Health Among Community College Students (2016)

Too Distressed to Learn? assesses mental health among community college students.

Seizing the Moment: Community Colleges Collaborating with K-12 to Improve Student Success (2016)

Seizing the Moment calls on community college presidents and trustees to embrace the higher standards many K-12 school systems have adopted and implement strategies to increase college readiness and success. 

The Progress of Latinos in Higher Education (2016)

The Progress of Lationos in Higher Education profiles Latino community college students, including unsettling associate degree attainment rates.