Technology and Innovation

New ACCT Paper Investigates the Digital Divide at Community Colleges

May 13, 2021

Digital Divide: How Technology Access Impacts Community Colleges Across the United States During a Pandemic looks at the current state of the digital divide in the United States and how it is affecting community college students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2030: The Last Classroom in America

Hank Dunn and Rick Smyre

As educational leaders, trustees must help prepare their institutions for transformative change.

7 Strategies for Trustees in the Age of Analytics

Mark David Milliron and Linda Baer

Data-literate community college boards have the power to transform institutions.

Adopt, Adapt, and Create Open Educational Resources

OER can help trustees leverage investments to increase student success and fight enrollment declines

William F. Kelley

Harper College, like so many other community colleges throughout our country, has taken bold steps to dramatically change the trajectory of student success rates.

Can Community Colleges Play a Major Role in Apprenticeship Programs?

To help community colleges do even more to resolve the growing mismatch between what colleges produce and what employers need, in this brief we explore the role that community college leaders might play in expanding on-the-job training at their institutions through apprenticeship programs.

Digital Transformation for Trustees

Keith Myers

Boards can serve as ‘mission-focused advisors’ as their institutions modernize technology.

Does Your Technology Help or Hurt Your College

Digi Edwards

From your college website to student services, technology can make students’ lives easier — or scare them away. Either way, it’s not optional.

Embracing Innovation and Quality Outcomes

Debra Humphreys

Boards need to ground efforts in an understanding of the changing nature of work and the global economy.

Unrelenting Change, Innovation and Risk

Daniel J. Phelan

The latest in ACCT's futures series on community colleges focuses on how boards can strategically align their institutions for the future.