Trustee Quarterly

Embracing Innovation and Quality Outcomes

Debra Humphreys

Boards need to ground efforts in an understanding of the changing nature of work and the global economy.

Everyone's Making Promises

David Conner

At the federal, state, and local levels, college promise programs are proliferating

Executive Compensation in 6 Steps

Nancy Taylor

A sound executive compensation program begins and ends with good governance, argues TIAA-CREF’s director for executive compensation.

Four Questions That Every New Community College Trustee Needs to Ask

Bernie Rhinerson

Focusing your work as a trustee is key to becoming a contributing member of your board team.

Gender Bias, #MeToo, and Higher Ed

Ira M. Shepard and Catherine E. Walters

ACCT’s general counsel and his colleague, Catherine E. Walters, offer insights on why boards must address the #MeToo movement and gender bias issues.

Getting Ready for a Change in Leadership: The Board’s Role in Successful Succession Planning

Succession planning has never been more critical and needs to be on the radar screen of all boards. Two major factors contribute to the necessity of succession planning: the retirement of a significant number of long-time presidents and chancellors, and the now familiar pattern of presidents moving from one presidency to another.

Goal Setting as a Board: The Path To Policy

Bernie Rhinerson

The San Diego Community College District governing board uses an annual process to set the direction without overstepping its bounds.

Home Base

Jane Karas

Adding on-campus housing can help address student needs, but leaders must consider many factors before breaking ground.

Increasing Your Budget Knowhow: A Checklist

Cindra Smith

Public community colleges are complex organizations, and their budgets, financial reports, and accounting rules can be daunting. Most trustees do not have a specialized background in finance or accounting. However, as stewards of public funds and resources, they must be willing to learn key fiscal concepts, understand how to read budgets and financial reports, and know how to assess appropriate controls and audits.

Making the College Promise Real

Martha Kanter and Andra Armstrong

A brief history of how the College Promise Campaign is transforming the lives of community college students.