Trustee Quarterly

Trusteeship 101

Great community colleges require great governing boards. But what makes a board great? And what does it mean to be an effective trustee? 

Understanding Policymakers and Governance

Brian Sponsler

Productive passion or distracting obsession? Governance is a perennial area of focus among state education policymakers, and it’s important to understand what drives them.

Understanding the Board Life Cycle

Transition and change are inevitable for boards of trustees. Preparation is critical to set the stage for both incoming and outgoing board members.

Unrelenting Change, Innovation and Risk

Daniel J. Phelan

The latest in ACCT's futures series on community colleges focuses on how boards can strategically align their institutions for the future.

Your Board Policy Manual: A Never-Ending Story

Paula Lauer

A critical part of the governing board’s role, policies must be reviewed and revised as needs change.