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Today, Education Commission of the States released 10 new policy briefs focused on the interaction between state- and federal-level policies pertaining to higher education. ACCT Senior Policy Analyst Colleen Campbell and Policy Analyst Ivy Love co-authored one of the series briefs, which serves as a resource for community college leaders.
Leveraging Community Colleges in the Workforce and Innovation and Opportunity Act is a blueprint for taking a federated approach through which federal, state and local policymakers, educational institutions, and the nonprofit and private sectors come together to build a better system.
Other topics in the series include:

Earlier this month, ACCT President & CEO J. Noah Brown participated in the 2016 Association of Colleges (AoC) annual conference in Birmingham, England.

There, he spoke with United Kingdom further education news organization FE News about US and United Kingdom community college/futher education systems, apprenticeships, and how Brexit and the 2016 American election could affect community and further education.


Washington, D.C.—Today, the U.S. Department of Education (ED) released data that detail the typical earnings of career-training program graduates. This is the first data release under the new Gainful Employment regulations, which went into effect last summer. The overall findings show that community colleges are producing the bulk of certificate completers and that graduates of certificate programs are largely working in well-paying fields.

"All students enroll in college with the intention of succeeding," said Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) President and CEO J. Noah Brown. "This new information from the Education Department is a testament to public colleges' dedication to student success over the last few years in spite of limited resources." 

In recognition of the tremendous contribution made by trustees, chief executives, and faculty members to community colleges, the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) annually recognizes one exemplary trustee, chief executive, faculty member and board/CEO team which has improved equity in their institution in each of its five regions. A list of the past regional awardees for each region can be found here. 



WASHINGTON -- The Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) looks forward to working in tandem with the new Administration and the 115th United States Congress to ensure that all American students will have access to affordable, high-quality education and the tools they need to succeed.
Community colleges are gateways of opportunity, educating over 10 million American students each year and preparing them to find meaningful work that offers a living wage. Community college boards govern these institutions, and keep them accountable, productive, and connected with community and economic demands. ACCT will continue to innovate and to create the tools, strategies, and resources that boards need to lead community colleges. With your help and support, I look forward to continuing to advance our colleges, and through them, our communities and our nation.  
white house
From left: Bernie Rhinerson, Emily Yim, J. Noah Brown, Bakari G. Lee, Jee Hang Lee

WASHINGTON-This morning, Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) Board Chair Bakari G. Lee, Esq., Chair-Elect Emily Yim, President and CEO J. Noah Brown, and Vice President for Public Policy and External Relations Jee Hang Lee attended the final Community College Convening hosted by the White House. ACCT Board of Directors member Bernie Rhinerson also attended as a representative of the San Diego Community College District. 

This special event featured a retrospective of the Obama Administration's accomplishments on behalf of community colleges. 

WASHINGTON-The Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) is pleased to announce the recipients of its annual Association Awards for community college trustees, equity programs, chief executive officers, faculty members, and professional board staff members.  
Those honored at the national level received regional-level recognition in their respective categories earlier in the year.  The regional-level awardees were the sole contenders for the national-level ACCT Association Awards.  The ACCT Association Awards were presented during the ACCT Awards Gala on Friday, October 7, at the Hilton Riverside New Orleans.  Awardees were announced live during the gala on ACCT's Twitter @CCTrustees
Washington, D.C. - New officers and members of the ACCT Board of Directors were elected during the 2016 ACCT Leadership Congress in New Orleans, on Thursday, October 6 and Friday, October 7.
As the event drew to a close Saturday, incoming ACCT Chair Bakari Lee said the association will "promote service to our country through the improvement of the nation's community colleges." 
A trustee of Hudson County Community College in New Jersey, Lee said that his platform as ACCT chair would involve a focus on at-risk men of color, including African American and Latino males, and working student mothers. 









As the College Promise movement continues to gain momentum, the 1,700 community college trustees, presidents and other leaders convening in New Orleans for the 2016 ACCT Leadership Congress were urged to consider how such programs could best meet the distinct characteristics of their own communities. 

The 2016 ACCT Symposium on Student Success, launched yesterday in New Orleans, brought together community college leaders and advocates to focus on workforce development and new research on vulnerable student populations, including working students, parents, and minorities. 
"This is a time for focus," ACCT Chair Roberto Zárate told Symposium attendees. "There's a real discussion around the country about what we are training our communities for."