Leadership Team

noah-brownJ. NOAH BROWN
President & CEO
J Noah Brown is president and chief executive officer of the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT). Click here for a biography of President Brown. To reach President Brown, please contact Executive Coordinator, Office of the President and Board of Directors, Karen Lomax at or 202.775.4472.

np-2010-cropped-webNARCISA POLONIO, Ed.D.
Executive Vice President for Education, Research and Board Leadership Services
Contact Narcisa if you need information and assistance on college board operations and training, presidential searches, research, education, diversity and outreach.
Office: 202-775-4670 | Cell: 202-276-1983

jee-hang-leeJEE HANG LEE
Vice President for Public Policy and External Relations
Contact Jee Hang if you need information and assistance on ACCT's advocacy efforts, public policy, legislation and Senate and House community college caucuses, and the ACCT Awards program.
Office: 202-775-4450 | Cell: 202-255-0964

tonya-harley-2008TONYA HARLEY
Finance and Operations Management Officer
Contact Tonya for matters related to ACCT finance, operations, and facilities.
Office: 202-775-4460 | Cell: 202-491-1249



Board Services Associate
Contact Semhar for information or with questions relating to board services.
Office 202-499-5550
Director of Educational Services
Contact Colleen for information about or assistance with ACCT's Student Success initiatives.
Office: 202-775-6490 | Cell: 202-558-8682
Program Associate for Audio Visual Support
Office: 202-499-5302

Associate Writer
Contact Jacob to submit Around the Regions story pitches and for other editorial matters.
Office: 202-775-4464
Research and Curriculum Specialist
Contact Marcia for information on research projects.
Office: 202-775-4474

david-connerDAVID CONNER
Director of Strategic Communications
Contact David with any questions relating to press/media, ACCT’s Web site, Trustee Quarterly, and member publications. 
Office: 202-775-4454 | Cell: 202-384-5944

julie-golder-alionJULIE GOLDER ALION
Search Services Coordinator
Contact Julie if you need information and assistance on presidential searches.
Office: 202-775-4466 | Cell: 202-384-5816

Director of GISS and Special Projects
Office: 202-775-6488 | Cell: 206-276-7684

Membership Services Associate
Contact Diane for membership information, updates, and the ACCT awards program.
Office: 202-775-4452

Coordinator of Partnerships and Programs
Contact Andrew for information about ACCT Board Services.
Office: 202-775-4470 



karen-lomax-webKAREN LOMAX
Executive Coordinator, Office of the President and Board of Directors
Contact Karen for matters related to ACCT President and CEO J. Noah Brown or the ACCT Board of Directors.
Office: 202-775-4472

shamika-smith-photo-for-webSHAMIKA MYLES
Administrative Assistant
Contact Shamika if you need general information about ACCT or need general support.
Office: 202-775-4667 x. 115


Search Services Specialist
Contact Jennifer for information and assistance on executive search services.
Office: 202-775-4458


Board Services Associate

Contact Stephanie for information or with questions relating to board services.
Office: 202-499-5309
Indya Rogers
Board & Communications Associate
Contact Indya with questions related to ordering ACCT publications, questions about ACCT's social media, or to update ACCT Board and Associate Committee member contact information.
Office: 202-470-4379 

Director of Educational Events 
Contact Christina for information regarding the ACCT Leadership Congress, Governance Leadership Institutes, and general information about ACCT events. 
Office: 202-775-4462 | Cell: 202-384-5814

Board Services Associate
Contact Mia for information on the Governance Institute for Student Success (GISS).
Office: 202-470-4191

ira-shepard-for-web-siteIRA MICHAEL SHEPARD
General Counsel
Contact ACCT if you have any questions regarding our general counsel.
Phone: 202-775-4667

jennifer-stiddard-webJENNIFER STIDDARD
Director of Government Relations
Contact Jennifer for information related to ACCT's public policy and advocacy services.
Office: 202-775-4667