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ACCT is the voice of community college leaders in Washington, D.C., throughout the United States and beyond.

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  • Community College Advocacy - ACCT is a leading advocate for community colleges and their students at the federal level. Read our current legislative priorities, sign up for our Latest Action in Washington e-alert newsletter, and get in touch if you have questions about how any federal-level legislation affects community colleges and their students. We also coordinate the nationwide Community College Month (#CCMonth) campaign each April to bring attention to the importance and value of community colleges. 
  • Community College Governance - If you have questions about how community colleges are governed, we're your go-to resource.
    • Important note: ACCT represents community college governing boards  as a whole nationwide. Our experts can advise journalists about best governance practices, but we do not comment on matters specific to individual college boards or statewide boards. Please refer institution- or system-specific inquiries to those respective institutions. 
  • Student Success-Related Research, Interventions & Networks - ACCT has helped to transform how community colleges work for their students through our original research into issues such as hunger, homelessness, mental illness, and student debt among community college students. We're also helping to make the most of our institutions through Kids on Campus, SNAP E&T and other partnerships. Check out our research publications, our Center for Policy and Practice, and let us know if we can help you answer any questions about helping students succeed at community colleges.

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