Board Chairs


Chairman of the board has been a title of honor and distinction for many years in many settings. But as anyone who has performed this role for any length of time can testify, it is far from a ceremonial title. Particularly on a community college board, the chair is a linchpin of leadership, performing important roles in public and in private, tasks for which there is often little training or preparation, except the example of previous chairs.

—Ray Taylor, former ACCT president

The board chair plays a crucial leadership role at a community college. What are key traits needed by the chair? What are the chair's roles and responsibilities? How should a chair organize and run a meeting? What sort of relationship does the chair need to have with the CEO?

ACCT can help you understand your role as a board chair through resources, and through connecting you to peer trustees who have extensive experience serving as chair of a community college board.

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If you'd like to speak with a peer board chairs from your state to help understand your roles and responsibilities, and how to get the most out of ACCT, contact your ACCT State Coordinator.