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Whether you’re a community college trustee, a president, a policymaker or someone with a passion for the community college movement, ACCT’s podcast is designed to get you in the know. Listen to provocative, informal conversations with visionaries and sector leaders in a portable format that’s more radio show than classroom.

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Dr. Curry is the President/CEO of the Compton College and Compton Community College District (CCCD). Compton College is the 114th California Community College, achieving initial accreditation status on June 7, 2017. Dr. Curry is responsible for overseeing all departments and functions of Compton College and Compton District and serves as secretary for the CCCD Board of Trustees. He brings an abundance of energy and innovative ideas to Compton College, along with a wealth of experience as a postsecondary education administrator.

As President/CEO for Compton College, Curry is responsible for promoting student enrollment, success and retention, while working with the college’s vice presidents to develop strategic plans and procedures that enhance their academic and student services programs. Curry is dedicated to the development of new programs and the redirection of existing programs to meet the instructional and student services needs of Compton College students. He is personally invested in delivering on the mission of Compton College, which is to offer a welcoming environment where the diversity of its students is supported in pursuing and attaining academic and professional excellence.

Under his leadership, many existing student services programs have been expanded and others created including the First Year Experience (FYE) program, and the Tartar Support program established in 2017 to offer a food pantry and other support for students facing food and housing insecurities. In addition, the Formerly Incarcerated Students in Transition (F.I.S.T.) program was established in fall 2016 and was honored with the prestigious Dr. John W. Rice Diversity & Equity Awards for Advancing Social Mobility by the Foundation for California Community Colleges just one year later.

Dr. Curry has also presented at numerous conferences, workshops, and symposia. His areas of expertise include preparing students for higher education; guided pathways; bridging the digital divide; establishing partnerships among postsecondary institutions, and ensuring access for all students. He has been invited to be the keynote speaker at multiple commencement ceremonies including the UC Santa Cruz African American Resource and Cultural Center’s Black Grad ceremony to celebrate the class of 2015 at UC Santa Cruz, Copper Mountain College commencement in 2017 and Nathanial Narbonne High School graduation in 2018.

Source: iamkeithcurry.org

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