A Note of Appreciation from ACCT to Professional Board Staff

Professional Board Staff



By: David Conner
Thank you. Please keep in touch.

Dear PBSN Members, 

On behalf of ACCT’s board, staff and membership, please accept our sincere appreciation for the work you do as liaisons to your college boards. 

We understand that your positions require you to wear many hats and not just to be able to do but be the best at carrying out a broad variety of responsibilities. 

We know that you are committed to your institutions’ missions of offering access to high-quality higher education to all students, and to empowering your students to advance in this world. 

Your commitment and your work are central to our collaborative work to change lives for the better. 

All of us at ACCT are grateful for everything you do. 

ACCT will be launching some exciting new services in the coming year, including new ways to connect our entire membership, and we hope to expand and deepen our relationship with professional board staff members as we move forward together. 

You are vital to the work this association does, and we hope we are valuable assets in your work as well. A

ACCT Director of Member Engagement Kielo Savilaakso is available to help with any needs you may have. Reach out to her at ksavilaakso@acct.org