ACCT Trustee Education Checklist

Our educational opportunities grow as your trustee experience grows. While each trustee’s education needs differ, the following checklist outlines a pathway to ensure effective on-boarding and continuous professional development.

Year 1

  • Attend the Governance Leadership Institute for New Trustees. (August)
  • Read Trusteeship in Community Colleges: A Guide for Effective Governance.
  • Read new and back issues of Trustee Quarterly magazine.
  • Complete the Governance 101 online course on ACCT Connect.
  • Use ACCT Connect to learn more in-depth and nuanced information about how to govern your college, and connect with peer trustees to build your network and troubleshoot challenges.
  • Attend the ACCT Leadership Congress to meet connections in person and to learn from presentations and peer-to-peer discussions. (fall)

Years 2-3

  • Attend the ACCT Leadership Congress.
  • Participate in the Governance Leadership Institute on the board chair role. (March)
  • Keep reading Trustee Quarterly.
  • Continuing networking and accessing educational content on ACCT Connect.

By Year 6

  • Contribute content to ACCT Connect and become and trustee mentor on ACCT Connect to help new trustees understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • Present at the ACCT Leadership Congress.
  • Join an ACCT committee.