Trustee Quarterly: Winter 2023

Generational Change


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Featured Articles


Our Legacies of Learning and Leadership

by Rose Benevidez


Moving Forward

by Jee Hang Lee


Now Connecting You

by Robin Matross Helms


118th Congress: Prepare for Offense and Defense in the Years Ahead

Community colleges must prepare for two distinct types of negotiations with lawmakers.

by Carrie-Warick Smith


The Future of College Promise

Nearly 400 state and local programs have flourished as federal advocacy continues.

by Rosario Duran


ACCT Strategic Plan (2023-2026)

Delivering on the promises of open access and the value of higher education.


Generational Change

Rose Benavidez has broken barriers as ACCT's first Latina Chair and continues a legacy of leadership.

by Mark Toner


A World in the Making

The 2022 ACCT Congress focused on supporting students and their families amid systemic change.

by Mark Toner


Are College Trustees Hiring Effective Presidents?

Strategies to help college boards select exceptional leaders.

by Joshua Wyner


Childcare Access Means Parents in School Programs and Experiences

Community college leaders reflect on their experiences as childcare grant recipients.

by Sean Robins


Around the Regions


Legal Issues Impacting Community Colleges

Recent rulings and guidance involve affirmative action, access to restrooms, paid-leave benefits, labor rights of student athletes, and social justice advocacy demonstrations.

by Ira Michael Shepard


Community College Executive Searches and Placements


Retreats and Workshops


Dear CEOs and Trustees: Your Leadership is Showing

by Larisa Pfeiffer